Waves and Palms Blue - A4 Wafer paper

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Size: 1 x A4 Sheet (28cm x 20cm)

Edible wafer paper is great for decorating cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

Please note: Colours may vary slightly from what you see on screen.

What is Wafer Paper/Card?

Wafer paper/card is made of dehydrated potato starch, water and vegetable oil. Wafer paper/card is tasteless therefore won't distract from your cakes flavour. Wafer paper is thin and more translucent, it moulds easier around cakes. Wafer card is more brittle and care needs to be take when cutting images out, it can still mould around cakes but cannot bend around sharp edges. Wafer card is ideal for 'standing up' on cakes.
Instructions for use on a cake:

If you will be cutting the wafer paper/card, use craft scissors or craft punch and carefully cut out your wafer paper/card image, take care when cutting wafer card as this can crack easily. You will want to trim carefully for a clean, finished look.

Butter Cream Frosting Application: Apply the wafer paper/card directly to a smooth surface of fresh buttercream frosting, best to apply while the icing is still slightly tacky/sticky, if dried use piping gel over the full surface of the image/sheet making sure to cover all the way over the edges.
Working from the centre outwards, smooth any bubbles that may exist, you can use a pin to remove bubbles. Use a light coloured icing to avoid your image darkening.

Fondant Application: If your cake has a fondant surface you will want to apply a thin layer of piping gel to the back side of the wafer paper using a craft brush or a very soft basting brush. Light coating only but be sure to cover the whole area, especially the edges. Turn the wafer paper/card over and apply to the top or sides of the cake. Starting from the centre, smooth the wafer paper/card outward towards the edges to get a good seal and to remove all bubbles.
You can use a pin to remove bubbles. Use light coloured fondant, dark colours can change the colour or brightness of your wafer image.

Store-Bought Cake Application: Request that the grocery store or bakery refrain from sprinkles or coloured decorations on the top surface of the cake, ask for the icing to be as smooth as possible, due to the wafer paper/card being slightly translucent dark colours under it will cause your image to darken.

Tips for Success: It is ideal if you can to wait until the day of your event to apply the wafer paper/card and only allow the cake to be refrigerated for a few hours before serving. Different temperatures can cause the wafer paper/card to shrink which can cause wrinkling. Note: we have left a store bought cake with a wafer paper topper in the refrigerator for 3 days without any colour transfer or wrinkling – however, humidity and frosting moisture are factors and may vary greatly from our test conditions.

Serving Tip: Gently cut through the wafer paper first and then cut deeper into your slice for serving, wafer card can be difficult to cut without it cracking.